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                          ETHICAL HACKING TUITION CENTER(EHTC,Jaipur)

Ethical Hacking Tuition center jaipur is one of the best institute in india for Ethical hacking training and Cyber Security training.The specialty of ethical hacking tuition center Jaipur is almost all IT Courses are available here and complete module is completely focused on practical implementation.Here students not only learn to manage or configure any particular IT Module but the best thing is that they learn how to combine them with other it Features and they studied in combined format.The Ethical Hacking Training course is an Integrated Training Module in which networking, web designing, web development, Linux,Storage Management,Server Security,Cryptography,SEO,Virtualization,windows security,Android Security.

·        CCENT & CCNA                                                                                          45 days
·        CCNP                                                                                                             120 days
·        NETWORK SECURITY                                                                               35 days
·        INDUSTRIAL LINUX                                                                                  45 days
·        RHCE/RHCSS/RHCA                                                                                   45/75/95 days

·        WORDPRESS CMS                                                                                     22 days
·        VIRTUALIZATION                                                                                     14 days
·        CLOUD-COMPUTING                                                                                90 days
·        CYBER-SECURITY                                                                                     55 days
·        ETHICAL-HACKING                                                                                  180 days
·        STORAGE-MANAGEMENT                                                                       25 days
·        SERVER-SECURITY                                                                                   20 days
·        WEB-HOSTING                                                                                            14 days
·        CISSP                                                                                                             45 days
·        INFORMATION SECURITY                                                                       40 days
·        SPECIALIZATION IN RAID                                                                       18 days
·        SPECIALIZATION IN LVM                                                                        14 days
·        FIREWALL SECURITY                                                                               16 days
·        IPv6                                                                                                                 30 days
·        YOUTUBE BUSINESS TRAINING                                                             20 days

                             WORKING ON  LIVE PROJECTS

Ethical hacking Tuition center jaipur is completely dedicated to provide high quality Ethical Hacking Training.During Our Ethical Hacking Training we include Redhat Enterprise Linux Training,Ubuntu Linux,Kali Linux Training,Networking Training,Windows Security Training,Android Security Essential Training,web designing and development with Web security,We also include Wordpress,Drupal,Joomla,Oscommerce cms training in this module.

Benefits of Doing Ethical Hacking Training From Ethical Hacking Tuition Center 

If you are doing Ethical Hacking Training from Ethical Hacking Tuition center Jaipur you have so many benefits.
You will get 9 training Modules for free with Ethical Hacking Training.
List of ( Modules which are free with Ethical Hacking Training Modules are:
CCENT Training
CCNA Training
Linux Training
Storage Management Training
Virtualization Training
Wordpress Training
Blogspot Training
Windows Security Training
Android Security Essential Training

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