How to Design and Develop social networking site like facebook

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Today in this tutorial we will learn how to design or develope a social networking site like facebook using buddy-press plugin in WordPress CMS.Web designing and web development become so easy after cms introduce.Wordpress have made our tast much more easier than before. Now anyone can design and develop a social networking site like Facebook or a chat server in just few simple steps using buddypress plugin in WordPress.

What we need to Design and Develope a social networking site?

  • Wordpress CMS which is Free.
  • BuddyPress Plugin for WordPress CMS.
  • And little configuration knowledge of wordpress cms which i will teach you here through this video.

We will Learn how to install WordPress and then we will see how to install and configure Buddy press Plugin inside WordPress to design and develop a social networking site like Facebook.

You will integrate chat messenger facility.
Album creation facility.

Sending friend request and composing mails.

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