RedHat Linux Training

RedHat Linux Training

Linux Online Training By Satish Tiwary

This Training Module is for Everyone who is new to Linux or who know nothing about Linux.After completion of this Training Module you will be able to easily configure,manage and troubleshoot any Linux Machine.This training Module has been decided in such way that even a non-technical person can become a Linux Expertise withing few weeks.

RedHat Linux ETraining Modules:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux basics and it's variants
Design Classroom Network Using Virtualization Technology For Lab Practice.

Virtualbox installation and configuration.
VirtualBox Network Adapter settings.
Vmware Installation and Configuration.
Vmware Network Adapter settings.

Linux Files and Folder.
Copying files and folders in Linux.
Moving and Renaming Files and Folders in Linux.
Determining File Content.
Creating Fake files with desired size.
Standard input/output to a file.
Searching files and Folders in Linux.

Vim editor
Nano Editor
Writing shell script in Linux.
samples of shell scripting with examples.
Scripting:for Loops
Scripting:if statements
Spell check with aspell command line tool.

Permission Types in Linux.
Changing files and Folder Permissions.
Special Permissons for files and folders in L:inux.
Changing  User ownership and group ownership.
Symbolic and Numeric Method.
Soft Linking and hard Linking Files and Folders in Linux.

User and Group Management in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
User management tools.
System users and groups.
Shell scripting for user management
shell scripting for user and group management
shell scripting for user and password management.
Different methods to Lock users in Linux.
Different Methods to Unlock Users in Linux.
Different methods to enable/Disable users in Linux.

Linux File System.

Partition creation and Deletion in Linux.

Linux File System Up-gradation and Degradation.
Swap Partition creation and Deletion.
Swap File Creation and Deletion.
Xinetd Managed Services in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Service and Application Access Controls in Linux.
Initialization Script Management.
Package Management in Linux using RPM and YUM.
Yum Local and Remote Server.
Yum server using FTP.
Yum Server Configuration using HTTP.

Network Configuration and Management in Linux.
Forward Lookups and Reverse Lookups
Exploring DNS with HOST.

Network File Service Configuration and Management.
NFS Server and NFS Clients and it's utilities.
Samba service configuration and management.
File Transfer Protocol Configuration and Management.
Printer Configuration in Linux.

Apache Server configuration in Linux.
Apache Namespace configuration in Linux.
Virtual Hosting.
Apache Access Configuration.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Configuration and Management.
Squirrelmail and PHP.
Incoming sendmail configuration and outgoing sendmail configuration.
Postfix mail server configuration.
Dovecot configuration.
Web Based Mailing Service Live Project.

OpenSSH Server configuration
Network Authentication.
scp:secure file transfer
rsync:Efficient File Sync.
Firewall and Selinux Configuration

Online Training facility is available for Linux essential Training Module.

Training Duration:30 Hrs

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