Blogging Training

Now a days Blogging is an exciting career.So much money and so much fame attracting people to blogging.Even people starting their career in blogging by leaving their jobs.But to become a professional blogger you must have proper knowledge of this field.If you enter in this field without preparation you might kill your blogging career for ever,because once your reputation created on internet is stands in people mind for ever.So be careful before starting career in blogging field.

This Training Module is designed to educate you  how to  be a professional blogger and earn money through it.It will change your life if you yet not started to use internet as a medium to express yourself and make money through it.

So are you ready to make money through internet?
Are you ready to express yourself through internet?
Are you ready to share your knowledge using internet and earn through it?

Here in Training Modules i will use below blogging platform:

Blogspot Platform
Wordpress PlatForm.
Drupal Platform.

You have a choice to choose any one or any two or ALL three.

  • Blogspot Training Fees:Rs3000
  • Wordpress Training fees: Rs 4000
  • Wordpress Training+Blogspot Training Fees=Rs6000
  • Wordpress+Blogspot+Drupal= Rs 10000

Blogging Training By Satish Tiwary

Blogspot Training Syllabus:

Create Blog or Website on Blogspot.
Create Pages and Post on Blogspot.
How to use Templates in Blogspot.
How to Add Widgets in Blogspot.
How to use custom templates or edit templates.
Integrate Skype Chat in Blogspot.
Integrate Facebook messenger Chat option in your Blogspot.
Integrate your Linkedin Profile in Your Blogspot.
Google Analytics integration for your blogspot blog or website.
Search engine settings for your blog or website.
Testing your blog templates for seo.
How to create sitemap page for blogspot.
Backup and Restore Blogspot Data.
Backup and Restore Blogspot Templates.
Domain Registration or Custom Domain Name Setup on Blogspot.
Using POPup Widgets for blogspot.
Place Google Adsense Ads on your Blog.
Add social media icons to blogspot.
How to create and edit sub menu in Blogger Templates.
Email Subscribe Button for Blogspot.

How to work with post settings.
Customize Mobile Templates for Mobile friendly sites.
How to add or use CSS code in Blogspot.
How to add related post widgets.
Add logo to your Blog.
How to disable copying text from Blog.
How to center your post title in Blogger.
Add search box to blogspot.

Add a reaction Widget to blogger.
How to insert Adsense Ads in Blogspot post.


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