ospf routing configuration Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer


ospf routing configuration Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer

ospf routing configuration step by step 


ospf routing configuration example 

ospf routing configuration using Total  Five  routers

ospf routing configuration showing total  14 Network

ospf routing configuration example in packet tracer

ospf routing

Start Configuring OSP on each Router One by One:

In this lab you have to use wild card mask in place of subnet mask while doing routing.

Note: Here I am not going to show you how to configure ip address.I assume you guys already have an idea how to assign ip address.

OSPF Routing Configuration on Router0:

Router(config)#route ospf 1

Router(config-router)#network area 0

Router(config-router)#network area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

OSPF Routing Configuration on Router1:

Router(config)#route ospf 1

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

OSPF Routing Configuration on Router2:

Router(config)#route ospf 1

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

OSPF Routing Configuration on Router3:

Router(config)#route ospf 1

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

OSPF Routing Configuration on Router4:

Router(config)#route ospf 1

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Router(config-router)#net area 0

Digital Marketing Test Paper-1 Ethical hacking Tuition center jaipur

Digital Marketing Test Paper-1 Ethical hacking Tuition center 

This is theDigital Marketing Test Paper-1 

Ethical hacking Tuition center jaipur 

Lab Questions 1: How to write html codes in windows? show with an example.

Lab Questions 2: Download and setup XAMPP and create database inside windows.

Lab Questions 3 : Write opening and closing tab with an example for

                            a) html programming

                            b) php Programming

                            c) Javascript programming

Lab Questions 4: how to Setup multiple wordpress website on windows machine using xampp?

Lab Questions 5: how to install themes and pluging in Wordpress?

Lab Questions 6: How to create page and sub pages inside page in wordpress?

How to install VirtualBox on Macbook Air M1/M2


How to hide identity completely using Kali Linux

 How to hide identity completely using Kali Linux

How to Secure your website using Web Application Firewall


How to Assign IP Address Linux in RHEL 5 & RHEL 6

In this Tutorial I am going to show how to assign Permanent IP Address in Linux. Specially RedHat and CentOS 5 Linux.

 First you have to do is to Log on as root user and go to the Directory  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ to view all available devices.

    # cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

You need to edit following files:

    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 ( First Ethernet card configuration file)
    /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1  ( Second Ethernet card configuration file)

To edit/create first NIC file, type command:

    # vim ifcfg-eth0

Append/modify as follows:


Save and close the file. (:wq!)

After that, configure the default gateway (router IP) and hostname in /etc/sysconfig/network file:

    # vim /etc/sysconfig/network

Append/modify configuration as follows:


Save and close the file(:wq!). Restart networking by enter following command:

    # /etc/init.d/network restart

Make sure you have correct DNS server defined in /etc/resolv.conf file:

    # vi /etc/resolv.conf

Setup DNS Server as follows:


Save and close the file(:wq!). Now you can check(ping) the gateway/other hosts:

     # ping          (check network connection)
    #ping www.google.com    (check Internet connection )

IF You want to assign temporary ip address then Log on as root user and run the below command.
#ifconfig eth0:0 netmask
#ifconfig eth0:1 netmask

DNS Configuration on Cisco Router

This tutorial is all about how to configure DNS on Cisco Router.
I have used GNS3 software to show DNS Configuration on Cisco router.

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GNS3 complete installation and configuration in Windows10

GNS3 complete installation and configuration in Windows10

This Tutorial is all about GNS3 proper installation and configuration with router IOS image integration.

We also learn how to integrate cisco router ios inside GNS3.

Objective: Learn to install GNS3 Software inside Windows8/10

We will also learn how to use GNS3 and practice CCNA and CCNP LABS.
If you are learning ccna ccnp or ccna security you must need this software this is an alternative of cisco routers ios. Cisco Packet Tracer is not alternative of Router IOS but GNS3 is an alternative.

Inside GNS3 we will real router ios.

Scan Ubuntu 18 04 viruses with ClamAV and clamTK Antivirus

Learn how to scan viruses inside Ubuntu linux using ClamAv Antivirus Program. Also learn how to use Graphical version of ClamAv antivirus Named ClamTK.

OBJECTIVE: CLAMAV and CLAMTK Antivirus Installation and configuration in Ubuntu Linux.

Benefits: We can scna Linux Viruses and Delete them using help of antivirus.

Many people think Linux Machines are Virus Free but this is not True.

As usage of Linux Increasing many hackers and developers are making Virus programes for Linux.

Linux can be infected by Rootkits,Malware,Virus and other types of TROJANS.

How to install Nethunter on any Android Phone without rooting

In this tutorial we will learn how to install and configure Nethunter on any Android Phone.Here i will show you how to install nethunter on android mobile in just few simple steps.After installing nethunter on your Android Mobile your Mobile is ready to attack on any machine whether it is Linux or Wiindows or mac.

You can use Nethunter tool for penetration Testing and Security Audit.

Step1: First you need to install either Termux or GNURoot Debian on your Android Phone.

Step2: After that you have to install Nethunter inside Termux or GNURoot Debian.

If you like my articles Please share your views with me on it and even if you find any mistakes feel free to share through comment section.

Port Forwarding using Ngrok and SimpleHTTP Server tool in Android

This tutorial is all aout Port Forwarding using Ngrok and SimpleHTTP Server tool in Android. First we need to install SimpleHTTPServer App on my Android Mobile which will help us to configure our Android Mobile as HTTP  Web Server. Then we will install termux app inside our Android Mobile and then we install Ngrok inside Termux. Ngrok App will help us to port forward.When you will watch the complete video you will easily learn all this in just few simple steps.

Tools used in this Tutorial are:


This App can be easily installed from google play store without rooting your mobile.


This app will be installed inside Termux and you will get this app from github.com


You will get this app from google play store.Its free to download and use.

How to Install Linux On Android Phone Without Rooting using GNURoot Debian

In this simple tutorial we will learn step wise configuration of Kali Linux over Android Phone without rooting using GNURoot Debian.We will also learn how to install and configure social networking tool named setoolkit inside GNURoot Debian.First we install GNURoot Debian on Android Mobile. After that we will install an important package named git inside GNURoot Debian.Then we will learn how to install setoolkit on Android Phone inside GNURoot Debian.For Detail and step wise tutorial watch the complete video.

How to Design and Develop social networking site like facebook

Today in this tutorial we will learn how to design or develope a social networking site like facebook using buddy-press plugin in WordPress CMS.Web designing and web development become so easy after cms introduce.Wordpress have made our tast much more easier than before. Now anyone can design and develop a social networking site like Facebook or a chat server in just few simple steps using buddypress plugin in WordPress.

What we need to Design and Develope a social networking site?

  • Wordpress CMS which is Free.
  • BuddyPress Plugin for WordPress CMS.
  • And little configuration knowledge of wordpress cms which i will teach you here through this video.

We will Learn how to install WordPress and then we will see how to install and configure Buddy press Plugin inside WordPress to design and develop a social networking site like Facebook.

You will integrate chat messenger facility.
Album creation facility.

Sending friend request and composing mails.

How to hide your Public IP Address using Kali Linux Anonymizer

In this Tutorial we will Learn how to hide our public ip address in kali Linux using Anonymizer Tool.If you are learning ethical hacking or working as a cyber expert the first thing you have to do is to protect yourself from hackers and for this first thing you have to do is to hide your Public IP Address and be anonymous. In this section i have explained or shows you complete step how to be anonymous using Kali Linux.

How to Configure NFS Server on Windows 7

Usually we configure NFS Server on Linux/Unix Machine for File sharing in Network between Unix Machines,But here in this tutorial we learn how to configure a Windows 7 machine as NFS Server.
I have used third party software named hanewin nfs package to install nfs package on windows and configure NFS Server on Windows7 machine.

If you want to configure NFS Server on Linux you can easily configure NFS server.

Usually people know that NFS Server is configured on Linux Machine only for sharing files with Linux clients. But that's half truth. In real world today we can easily configure NFS on windows Machine also. 

If you want to configure NFS Server with NIS Server and Autofs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux you can watch this video.

First we need to configure NIS SERVER.We set NIS DOMAIN NAME and then we will configure NFS Server and after that we will configure Autofs Server for automation process.Not forget to configure Firewall and Selinux otherwise your configuration will not work.

Practical Implementation of NIS NFS and Autofs Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

You can submit this project in your Engineering Major Project.This is very helpful for computer science students.

How to setup and configure hostname in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

This tutorial is completely about hostname setup and hostname configuration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. so if you are new to RHEL7  and you want to setup or configure hostname in your RHEL7 Machine then this tutorial is for you.Watch the below video carefully and you will very easily learn to configure hostname in RHEL7 Linux.

Why we set hostname in Linux machine?

Assigning a hostname to a PC or HOST is just like giving a name to an IP.
HOST means all the computers in a network.Each computer is a host in a network and the ip address assigned to that host machine or that computer is host address and the name given to that particular pc or computer or host is hostname.

Difference between HOST ADDRESS & HOSTNAME

IP assigned to the host pc or any pc in a network is known as host address and the name assigned to any pc or host in a network is known as hostname.

Why it necessary to set HOSTNAME in Linux?

see it's not easy for anyone to remember ip address so we need a name for each ip in our local network to differentiate or to identify specific machine easily and to make our task easy.

Apache Web server configuration in RHEL 7

In this tutorial we will learn how to install , configure and manage Apache web server in redhat Enterprise Linux 7.Here we follow simple steps to configure Apache web server.So finally you can say this is a simple and basic tutorial to configure and manage http server on redhat enterprise linux 7.

Step 1:configure Yum server on RHEL7

Step 2:Install http package using yum

# yum install http* -y

Step 3: Using firewall allow http service to get accessed.

#firewall-cmd  --permanent  -add-service=http
#firewall-cmd  --permanent  -add-service=https
#firewall-cmd  --reload

Step 4:Restart and enable Apache Service in RHEL7

#systemctl restart httpd
#systemctl enable httpd

Step 5:go inside /var/www/html folder and create index.html or index.php file according to your requirement.You can see in video.

Step 6:repeat step 4

Step 7:If you want to access your site with name you can set hostname to your RHEL machine.

Network Security Related terminology you must know

Here in this article i am including the important terminology we need to know if we are working as a system engineer ,network engineer,system administrator whether Linux or Windows admin didn't matter.Here i will provide you the complete list of terms we need to know in networking or system admin field.Here in this tutorial i have discussed about various topics like pap,chap,asynchronous,,Tokens,throughput,RADIUS SERVER,TACACS,AAA,Data owner,subject,object,baseline,policies,procedures,standard,guideline,ARO,SLE etc

Risk = Threat * Vulnerability

If we consider the topi regarding IT sector then Risk consists of these two important thing Threat and Vulnerability.where there is no Threat there is no risk.If there is Vulnerability in your system or Network and there is also threat of attack then risk is multiple effect of vulnerability.

ALE = Annualized Loss Expectancy

This is an important terminology and every IT company have almost a separate department to handle ALE.

AV = Asset Value

If you have a little knowledge off commerce field you can easily understand what asset value is.In short you understand it is a type of business valuation.


EF means Exposure Factor - % of value lost


SLE stand for Single Loss Expectancy, the cost of a single loss.


ARO stands for  Annual Rate of Occurrence (number of losses)


 Total Cost of Ownership combining upfront costs and annual costs of maintenance


Policies are high-level management directives that don't go into specifics.


Procedures are step-by-step guides for accomplishing a task


describes specific use of technology


recommendations (discretionary)


 uniform ways of implementing a safeguard

Data Owner 

management employee responsible for ensuring protection of specific data


Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability

Least privilege

 says minimum amount required to do.
 privileges are defined in every level whether it os operating system based or networking based.
operating system have several users created on privilege based. Administrator user have   highest privilege than other and Guest user have least privileges than others.In Linux root have highest privilege.
In network deices like Routers and switches also have different privilege levels.

Need to know is more granular


 active entity on a data system


As we are here talking about computer and network system.In IT Sector or in computer field or networking department by saying OBJECT we mean passive data within the system.


Discretionary mean full control of objects they have access to


mandatory means system-enforced based on labels


role based, non-discretionary

Task-based = another non-discretionary method


 Uses UDP 1812 and 1813. AAA system.
RADIUS request and response data is carried in
8-bit AVPs (Attritbute Value Pairs)


RADIUS' successor with more accountability and a 32-bit AVP field.


Tacacs is used for authentication and autheriation.
It is a centralized access control system that uses UDP port 49 and may use TCP


PAP stands for password authentication protocol and CHAP stands for challenged handshake authentication protocol.both used PPP connection.

You can READ:PAP Configuration Tutorial on cisco Router.

You can READ: CHAP Configuration on Cisco router.

PAP is plaintext so not so secure, while CHAP uses three way handshake. so chap is  better than pap.

Objects have labels, and you have to have clearance to see them.

Synchronous Dynamic Tokens 

While talking about Synchronous Dynamic Tokens one must know that it't refresh every 60 seconds. Use time or counters to synchronize a code with the AS.

Asynchronous Tokens 

 It is little different from Synchronous Dynamic Tokens and is not synchronized with central server. Challenge-response.


 As we all know it is the most important point for any company institute or organiation and that is throughput. It is actually the biometric system response time.

make windows7/8/10 usb bootable using windows command promt

Suppose you dont't have DVD writter in your Laptop or PC and you want to install Windows operating system in your laptop or PC or you just want to format your laptop just to increase the performance of your laptop or PC.Then you need to know how to use a usb device to format your pc or laptop and how to install windows7 windows8 or window10 using USB Device. Once you learn how to install windows7/8/10 inside your laptop or PC from usb device you dont need DVD writter.

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a usb device windows7 or windows8/10 usb bootable using windows command promt.We don't need any third party software to make usb bootable.
If you want to learn all the steps just follow the video and watch it till end and you will learn it in very simple way. If by chance you face any problem even after watching video or you not able to boot your usb device you can ask me here or on my YouTube channel through comment section.I will love to answer your question and if you have any suggestion feel free to share with me.

arp spoofing and cache poison attack demonstartion project for computer science students(B.Tech/BCA/MCA/M.tech)

ARP Spoofing and cache poison attack demonstration Project and Future Scope.This is subject of ethical hacking and cyber security.So anyone including computer science students interested in ethical hacking field or cyber security then this tutorial is for you.In this article i will guide you to create an ethical hacking project whose name is "ARP SPOOFING and CACHE POISON ATTACK".

Before i start explaining this project I love to inform you that you must have basic idea of networking and Linux before working on this project.

What actually ARP SPOOFING is?

ARP spoofing is a type of security attack in which the attacker spoofs the ARP reply packet sent to a destination address with its own mac-address.


 The project aims to demonstrate the concept of ARP spoofing, where the ARP cache of Windows XP is poisoned with the attacker mac-address for a specific system on the network.

Hardware and Software Requirement for this Project:

1.Three PC (Ubuntu and Windows XP, Windows7/8)

Either you need three different Computers one having windows xp installed ,second pc have Windows7 or Windows 8 Installed and third PC have Ubuntu Linux installed.
I suggest you to use a virtualization software like Oracle VirtualBox or Vmware Workstation.
And then install all these three operating system inside them and configure virtual box networking between them so that they can communicate with each other.

2.Scapy and Python (Free download )

Install Scapy and Python tool.remember these are free tools and are easily available on internet.


If you are using three different PC then you need a SWITCH.If you are using Virtualization software it will be better to user your home wi-fi network.

4.Network cables
If you are using wi-fi network you don't need any network cables.But if you are using switch then you need three straight cable to connect computers with switch so that all pc can communicate with each other.

Project Report Contents:

1. Project Scope

2. Hardware and Software.

3. Lab topology with IP network design

4. Software installation

5. Steps to execute with code and script.

6. Verification with Screenshots.

ospf routing configuration Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer

  ospf routing configuration Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer ospf routing configuration step by step  0 ospf routing configuration example  os...