How to Configure NFS Server on Windows 7

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Usually we configure NFS Server on Linux/Unix Machine for File sharing in Network between Unix Machines,But here in this tutorial we learn how to configure a Windows 7 machine as NFS Server.
I have used third party software named hanewin nfs package to install nfs package on windows and configure NFS Server on Windows7 machine.

If you want to configure NFS Server on Linux you can easily configure NFS server.

Usually people know that NFS Server is configured on Linux Machine only for sharing files with Linux clients. But that's half truth. In real world today we can easily configure NFS on windows Machine also. 

If you want to configure NFS Server with NIS Server and Autofs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux you can watch this video.

First we need to configure NIS SERVER.We set NIS DOMAIN NAME and then we will configure NFS Server and after that we will configure Autofs Server for automation process.Not forget to configure Firewall and Selinux otherwise your configuration will not work.

Practical Implementation of NIS NFS and Autofs Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

You can submit this project in your Engineering Major Project.This is very helpful for computer science students.

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