How to setup and configure hostname in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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This tutorial is completely about hostname setup and hostname configuration in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. so if you are new to RHEL7  and you want to setup or configure hostname in your RHEL7 Machine then this tutorial is for you.Watch the below video carefully and you will very easily learn to configure hostname in RHEL7 Linux.

Why we set hostname in Linux machine?

Assigning a hostname to a PC or HOST is just like giving a name to an IP.
HOST means all the computers in a network.Each computer is a host in a network and the ip address assigned to that host machine or that computer is host address and the name given to that particular pc or computer or host is hostname.

Difference between HOST ADDRESS & HOSTNAME

IP assigned to the host pc or any pc in a network is known as host address and the name assigned to any pc or host in a network is known as hostname.

Why it necessary to set HOSTNAME in Linux?

see it's not easy for anyone to remember ip address so we need a name for each ip in our local network to differentiate or to identify specific machine easily and to make our task easy.

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