Apache Web server configuration in RHEL 7

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In this tutorial we will learn how to install , configure and manage Apache web server in redhat Enterprise Linux 7.Here we follow simple steps to configure Apache web server.So finally you can say this is a simple and basic tutorial to configure and manage http server on redhat enterprise linux 7.

Step 1:configure Yum server on RHEL7

Step 2:Install http package using yum

# yum install http* -y

Step 3: Using firewall allow http service to get accessed.

#firewall-cmd  --permanent  -add-service=http
#firewall-cmd  --permanent  -add-service=https
#firewall-cmd  --reload

Step 4:Restart and enable Apache Service in RHEL7

#systemctl restart httpd
#systemctl enable httpd

Step 5:go inside /var/www/html folder and create index.html or index.php file according to your requirement.You can see in video.

Step 6:repeat step 4

Step 7:If you want to access your site with name you can set hostname to your RHEL machine.

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