Top 50 things every ethical hackers must know about it.

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Here you will come to know the top 50 topics which every ethical hackers should know.These are not only important ethical hacking tips or topics must compulsory topics for all cyber security experts and hackers or system security specialist.

To be an Ethical Hacker you must have idea about Windows and Linux Operating System.

You must be expert in Backup and Recovey in both Windows and linux platform.

You must of sound Knowledge of Mobile Technology and android Security Essentials.

You must be good in Firewall configuration on windows and Linux Both.

You must be good in SELinux Configuration.

You must have Server configuration and Server Security Knowledge.

You must have Good Knowledge Networking.And when i am talking about networking i mean you must be expert in routing and switching along with wireless communication and wireless security.

You must have idea about all networking devices including network firewall.

If you have network security knowledge that will be bonus.

Virtualization technology helps you to sharpen your skills and practice ethical hacking labs.

Storage management helps you to manage and handle data properly.

You must have basic programming knowledge of html,css,javascript and php.

You also have basic idea of how to write compile and run c,c++,java,python,perl and ruby programming on Linux platform.

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