make windows7/8/10 usb bootable using windows command promt

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Suppose you dont't have DVD writter in your Laptop or PC and you want to install Windows operating system in your laptop or PC or you just want to format your laptop just to increase the performance of your laptop or PC.Then you need to know how to use a usb device to format your pc or laptop and how to install windows7 windows8 or window10 using USB Device. Once you learn how to install windows7/8/10 inside your laptop or PC from usb device you dont need DVD writter.

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a usb device windows7 or windows8/10 usb bootable using windows command promt.We don't need any third party software to make usb bootable.
If you want to learn all the steps just follow the video and watch it till end and you will learn it in very simple way. If by chance you face any problem even after watching video or you not able to boot your usb device you can ask me here or on my YouTube channel through comment section.I will love to answer your question and if you have any suggestion feel free to share with me.

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