How to enable root user and root password in Ubuntu Linux

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By default every Ubuntu linux user finds no root login and then they have to use sudo command every time. If you don't want to use sudo command each time you install a package or start a service you need to be root user. In this tutorial i have told you how to enable root user in Ubuntu Linux in just few simple steps. If you want to learn it completely watch the below video till end.

Advantage of being ROOT USER:

Being a root user you dont need to run sudo command always.Now you can directly run any command without using an extra command sudo.

IS it Good to Always Login with ROOT USER in UBUNTU?

If you ask me this question My Answer will be in NO!
If you want to do certain administrative task on your Ubuntu Linux Machine or Any Linux Machine installed in your Laptop or Computer or Server I personally suggest you to never ever Login to your Linux Machine as ROOT User unless you have to do some important Administrative task which is not possible without root Login.

What is Threat in ROOT LOGIN?

If you always used to Login as root user in your Linux then there is so much chances of hack attack on your Linux Machine and very chances that your machine can get compromised. Because if someone got root access to your Linux Machine He/she can do any thing.When i say anything then I mean anything in destructive manner.

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