How to install and configure ProFTPD on UBUNTU 14.04

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ProFTPD is a File Transfer protocol used in case we need to transfer file from on machine to other,whether from server to client or client to server.When file get transfer from server to client known as downloading and when the file get transfer from client to server it is know as uploading.But in both case FTP is working. Here in this tutorial we will learn installation and configuration of ProFTPD services on a Ubuntu Linux Machine.
This tutorial is for beginners who are new to Ubuntu Linux and who wants to configure and install proftpd server easily in just few simple steps.If you are a Linux Advance user then this tutorial might not be for you.If you have any suggestion kindly suggest it through comment section.

Step1: First we need to confirm that all packages are up to date and for that we run below command.

#apt-get update  (only for root user)

$ sudo apt-get update (For non-root user)

Step2:Install Proftpd package

#apt-get -y install proftpd

Step3:Then you have to made some changes as i have mentioned in this video.If you want to configure proftpd accurately with no mistakes must watch this video on proftpd configuration on Ubuntu Linux.

Step4: Restart the proftpd service

#service proftpd restart

Step5;Check whether proftpd service is running or not.

#service proftpd status

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