Linux networking Combined Test paper for Ethical Hacking training Batch.

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This Test paper has been designed at ETHICAL HACKING TUITION CENTER JAIPUR by satish Tiwary(Trainer) for Students of Ethical Hacking.The main motive behind designing this paper is to aware students about Linux and networking terminology and check there commands on Linux and Networking and make them ready for tackle Interview of Different IT Companies.

Students are advised to answer the question in there own language.Try to keep your answer to the point and not mention useless points in your answer.For every Right answer you will get the Marks and for every wrong answer negative Marking sytem.Post Your Answer through comments section.
Total Marks:180                           Pass Marks:120              Test Duration: 80Minutes

1. How will you determine which processes are running on your linux system,which hardware devices are available and how much ram is left? 4Marks

2.The system on-disk swap space needs to be increased after a memory upgrade.This new partition needs to be created,without affecting other existing partitions or mount points.All partitions should become active after each reboot. 6marks

3. The DHCP server is down. You need to get your workstation up on the network,so you have to edit the appropriate configuration files by hand to set up static networking. ( 10marks) 

a.What is your current ip address and netmask and broadcast address?
b.What is your current default gateway?
c.what is your current DNS name Server? will you shutdown your network interface?
e.define layer 3 static settings.
f.verify dns and hostname resolution.

4.explain below linux commands in just few lines.  (10 Marks)
a.ip addr show
bip route show
c.ifup eth0 /etc/resolve.conf
f. cat /etc/sysconfig/network

g.shutdown - r now -c 4
i. dig

5. Explain below Linux commands in short. 8Marks
a.setfacl -x u:linux:rx /home/satish.txt
b.setfacl -m d:u:student:rw /home/tiwary
d.echo $LANG

6. There are total three machine A,B and C. A login to machine C through B.Now write the configuration file of A ,B and C machine. 6 Marks

7.Answer following question: 4+15+1+1+1=23 Marks

a.what is difference between imap and pop3?
b.Write the port number of DNS,DHCP,TFTP,HTTPS,RDP,Whois,IMAP,IMAP(ssl)
c.GUI stands for
d CLI stands for
e.What is the maximum length for a file name in Linux?

8.This question is all about SSH Server.explain in short.  8Marks

a. ListeAddress
b.  Banner /etc/
c.  Protocol 2
d.  PermitRootLogin no

9.configure Apache web Server named it and both on a single machine.
Host a php site on which is combination of html+php and css. Also configure a php site on such that the html is integrated inside that php file using different H1 H2 tag     10Marks to reduce or shrink the size of LVM partition in Linux?And how to rename,split,extend,reduce and merge a volume group in Linux.  10marks

11.Write all the methods to Lock a user account in Linux and also how to unlock each Lock. 

                                                                                                                  10 Marks

12.what is the name and path of main linux system Log? 3 Marks

13.explain shell in Linux and how to see shells available for your Linux Machine? Also write command to change the shell of a specific user in Linux.  7marks.

14.explain Following: 3+3+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2=30Marks

a.Mention what are the ranges for the private IP? many ways you can access router?
l.half duplex with an example
m.tcp with an example
n.udp with an example
o.Physical Layer
p.route poisoning

15.Mention all the steps to secure a Cisco router locally and Remotely.  9 marks

16. What subnet does belongs to ?  marks

17.What valid host range is the IP address a part of?  8marks

18. What subnet does belongs to ? 8Marks

19.What is the broadcast address of the network ? 5 Marks

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  1. 1. ps -aux
    4. a. use to show ip address of the system
    b. use to show routing table
    c. use to up a ethernet port of your system
    d. use for configure nameserver on client side
    e. use to change hostname of your system
    f. use for system network configuration
    g. use to restart your system
    h. use to send 4 packets to check the connectivity with given ip
    i. use for dns lookup that were queried
    5. a. used for set read and execute permission to file /home/satish.txt on a sigle user linux
    b. used for set read and write permissions on a single user and group that is student on a directory /home/tiwary
    c. use to change default language of your system
    d. used for check default language and character encodig of your system
    7. a. imap used to access your emails from any device. in imap you used to read your email directly from the server the email will only be downloaded if you click on download option. so it is fater than pop3.
    While in pop3 you are only allow to read your email if you have downloaded it from server. Once they are downloaded your downloaded email will be removed from the server.
    b. DNS- 53, DHCP- 67, TFTP- 69, HTTPS- 443, RDP- 3389, WHOIS- 43, IMAP- 143, IMAP(SSL)- 993
    C. Graphical User Interface
    d. Command Line Interface
    e. Linux has a max. filename length of 255 characters for most filesystems including ext4 and a maximum path of 4096 characters.
    8. a. used for instant chating to a particular ip address or port
    b. used to set banner on telnet port of your system
    d. to disable root login using ssh service
    10. to reduce lvm partition size in linux use lvreduce /dev/vg00/lv00 -L 100M -->>I am reducing logical volume to 100mb.
    to extend a volume group vgextend vg00 /dev/sda9
    to rename a volume group vgrename /dev/vg00 /dev/avyaan
    to split a volume group vgsplit vg00 vg11 /dev/sda7
    to merge a volume group vgmerge -v vg01 vg12
    11. passwd -l rahul to unlock use passwd -u rahul
    usermod -L dd to unlock use usermod -U dd
    12. vim /etc/syslog.conf
    13. Shell is an command language interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input device (keyboard) or from a file. Shell is not part of system kernel, but uses the system kernel to execute programs, create files etc. Most common shell in Linux.
    to check all shell of linux use vim /etc/shells
    to change shell of a linux user use chsh -s bash{shell-name} dd{user-name}
    14. a. private range for class A -
    Class B -
    Class C -
    b. four ways console, auxilary, ssh, telnet
    c. bandwidth is the bit-rate of available or consumed information capacity expressed typically in metric multiples of bits per second
    g. A maximum transmission unit (MTU) is the largest size packet or frame, specified in octets (eight-bit bytes), that can be sent in a packet- or frame-based network such as the Internet.
    15. to secure a router both remotly and locally use given below command
    1. enable secret rahul
    2. enable password dd
    3. line aux 0
    password redhat
    4. line con 0
    password blogger
    5. line vty 0 4
    password hacking
    6. service password-encryption
    16. subnet mask this address is a brodcast address of range -
    17. this ip blongs to range in b/w - and host present in this ip are 254
    18. this ip belongs to first subnet of subnet mask which is present in the range -


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