Methods to Secure your Wi-Fi Network from Hackers

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If you are using any WI-FI device then this tutorial is for you.Today in this tutorial we will learn how to secure WI-FI Networks from hackers or the wrong guys or from unauthorized users.A secure Wi-Fi device means faster speed and no misuse.A secure Wi-Fi device means tension free net surfing.
Here i will mention few steps to secure or protect your wi-fi device.

1.Always use a strong password for your wi-fi device.

When i say strong password it means it's lenghth must be 8 character.Strong password means it's combination of letter numeric and special character.Also mixture of small letter and capitla letter and it should not be matching with username or SSID name.Strong password means a password which is not guessable and which can't be remeber even seen in a glance.

2.Never use default login name or password.

Default login name or username is easily hack-able so never user default username and password. Default login name and passwords are easily available on internet for approx all networking devices.

3.Change your default SSID.

most of the people used to change the password only and not the SSID,but you should change the default SSID too because hacking software's available in market are designed for all default SSID and  all default SSID names are already listed in hacking software's database.

4.Change Your default password even if it is a strong password.

Some people think that there default password is strong so no need to change it.Always remember default passwords are never safe.

5.Do discourage hacking attacks use a scary name.

Scary names keeps kids and hackers away from your network.

6.Keep checking connecting device list from your wi-fi router.

If you feel your network is used by someone else or someone else is also using your wi-fi device internet services then you must check it by login to your wi-fi router and check connected dvice list.You can use FING tool if you are using andoid mobile.

7.Enable MAC-Filtering based Security and allow each device with there mac address.

MAC-Filtering means allow or block any device from your wi-fi device using mac address of all devices whether it is computer laptop or mobile. Every device has it's mac address and they are fixed.

8.Keep your Wi-Fi software updated.

Always update your wi-fi router software

9.Reduce the range of your wi-fi signal.

Lesser the signal range minimum the chances of hacking.It will reduces the chances of hacking.

10.When you are not using Internet Just Turned it OFF.

When you are not using your wifi router you better turned it OFF.There is no point in keeping your wi-fi device on even when you are not using it.

11.Disable Guest network.


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