Configure software RAID-1 and Test data Recovery

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If you are working as a Linux system Admin then i hope you are aware of software raid configuration.But if you are working as an storage Engineer or planning your career for a storage engineer then raid configuration will be part of your daily life.You must be good with software raid configuration,raid management,handling faulty disk and adding new disk to array.Here in this tutorial i am going to show you how to configure software RAID-1 and how to remove faulty devices,how to check faulty devices in raid,how to add new devices in a raid array.Overall this tutorial will show complete step to create,manage,add,remove,backup software raid using command line in Redhat enterprise Linux.

If you are interested in such a lab just watch this video till end and you will learn all above mentioned things.

Steps to create and configure software raid-1:

step1: create partitions of same size.
step2: update the partition table using partprobe command.
step3: don't forget to change the partition id to raid type
step4:create raid using mdadm command.
step5:create a folder
step6:format the created raid partition using mkfs.ext3
step7:Mount the raid device and it is ready to use.
step7:you can make a permanent entry of raid device inside /etc/fstab file.

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