How to write,compile and run java program on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6

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As a java programmer or as a Linux System Admin or a Linux or java Programming student you may need to face a situation where you need to run a java program on a Linux Machine.If you are searching for this,if you want to write,compile or run a java program on Linux then this tutorial is for the tutorial till end and follow the steps as it is mentioned in Video.

What i have done in this Tutorial?

  1. I have written a basic java program.
  2. Then i have installed java compiler using yum.
  3. Then i compile the java program.
  4. After that i assign execute permission to java program.
  5. Then finally run the created java program

Benefits of Learning JAVA on Linux:

If you are already a java programmer then I hope you already know that importance of Linux for a Java Programmer.
But if you are new to JAVA Field you must know that almost every MNC Company want basic knowledge of Linux From a JAVA Developer.Now a days JAVA is primary language to develope Android Tools and You will be happy to know that Android is build on Linux Kernel,so it function,work and behave like Linux.

So Even if You want to be a a Good Android App developer JAVA on Linux will help you a lot.

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